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Exlore Thailand with Jimmy

Here at Jimmy’s Kitchen, we love to create special experiences for our customers. People kept asking for special, off-the-beaten track trips so we have started putting together a small number of special experiences, enjoyed by both holiday visitors and expats here in Thailand.

These are places that most people don’t visit. Bangkok area trips can be booked in the same way as a cooking course – according to when you would like to do it.

Visit Thailand's biggest reclining Buddha and actually go inside! At the same time, we'll take you to one of Thailand's oldest local markets.


Isaan is the north east of Thailand with a wealth of less well known attractions, beautiful countryside and warm hearted people. Isaan visits are restricted to specific dates. However, if you would like to arrange an Isaan trip for a minimum group of 4 people on dates to suit you, we will be happy to oblige.

Ubon Ratchathani

Two day, one night experience. Meander along the mighty Mekong, discover ancient rock paintings, marvel at mysterious rock formations, walk on the lunar landscape of the dried Mekong river bed and much more!

While we are building this section of the website, please feel free to use the ‘contact us’ page to ask about our unforgettable experiences.