Jimmy’s Kitchen Set menus



Set 1

                Chicken green curry + curry paste

                Stir fried morning glory

                Tuna salad Thai style

Set 2

                Tom yum goong (prawn)

                Fried pork with garlic and pepper

                Glass noodle salad

Set 3

                Chicken in galangal soup

                Papaya salad

                Spring rolls

Set 4

                Red curry pork + curry paste

                Long eggplant salad

                Stir fried kale with oyster sauce

Set 5

                Geang liang- Thai style vegetable soup

                Stuffed omelette

                Minced pork salad

Set 6

                Phanang curry with pork + curry paste

                Fried Chicken and cashew nut

                Pomelo salad

Set 7                                                                                                              Tom yum chicken

                Pork satay

                Fried chicken with ginger

Set 8

                Stuffed cucumber soup

                Grilled pork salad

                Chicken in pandan leaves