Vegan Menu List - choose your dishes


9.  Vegetable spring rolls


23.  Glass noodle soup with vegetables

25.  Rice soup with vegetables

27.  Kaeng Liang – peppery Thai style vegetable

33.  Tom yum mushroom

35.  Sour vegetable soup

37.  Cabbage in galangal soup

Noodle Dishes

49.   Vegetable Pad See Eaw

51.   Vegetable Pad Thai

53.   Kao Soy – noodles in yellow curry

54.   Baked glass noodles with mushrooms

One-Dish Meals

61. Mushroom yellow rice

65. Vegetable fried rice


Salad Dishes

74. Glass noodle salad

77. Long egg plant salad

79. Papaya salad

82. Wing bean salad

84. Mushroom laab

85. Tofu laab


97.   Vegetable Massaman curry

98.   Vegetable green curry

99.   Vegetable red curry

100. Vegetable yellow curry

Stir Fried Dishes

118.  Stir fried morning glory

125.  Stir fried mixed vegetable

126.  Tofu and cashew nut

127.  Cabbage fried with garlic

128.  Vegetables fried with curry

129.  Tofu fried with ginger

130.  Tofu fried with curry powder

131.  Mixed mushrooms fried with

140. Crispy pomegranate seed

142. Kha nom thua paep (mung bean

            pastries with coconut and sesame)

143.   Sticky rice and mango

144.   Sweet potato with ginger